The Programme

The 6 sessions teach you all the processes that social entrepreneur Richard Leighton undertakes to successfully design | develop | create | run | manage | scale | and replicate initiatives that generate sustainable commercial and social impact.  

Session 1 | On Zoom Plus entrepreneur speaker

Overview: Start-up School | realities of Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship | and business in the UK.

Session 2 | On Zoom Plus Entrepreneur Speaker

Concept Design and Development: ideation and elevator pitch | branding and visual identity | financial planning and forecasting | secondary and primary research | basic IP | financial revision | trailing and testing.

Session 3 | On Zoom Plus Entrepreneur Speaker

Business Planning: Concept Overview | Business Plan | Pitch Deck | and Pitching. Creating a small 3-page overview for Product/Service/Initiative | insight into business planning | creation of a pitch deck | creating a pitch and pitching.

Session 4 | On Zoom Plus Entrepreneur Speaker

Finance: Funding | Investment | Investment Readiness. Overview on funding/investment like self-finance | grants | loans | investment | and crowdfunding - as well as investment readiness.

Session 5 | On Zoom Plus Entrepreneur Speaker

Partnership and Collaboration: identifying/approaching/gaining partners | collaborators | funders | investors | and suppliers.

Session 6 | On Zoom Plus Entrepreneur Speaker

Implementation | Scaling | and Replication: setting-up a company | tax | accounts | legal and contracts.

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